We raise a variety of birds for both meat and eggs and try to take the opportunity that we have to source birds from the Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List. This enables us to be participating in a conservation effort for poultry that is being observed or is at risk of having their genetics lost.

The reason behind what breeds we chose comes down to egg color, availability, dual purpose and temperament. Opening a dozen eggs that have a beautiful variety of colors can add joy to an otherwise simple task.
Birds are separated into breeding pens for most of the year in order to collect purebred hatching eggs. We do sell hatching eggs as well as do hatch from our own birds.

If you are interested in purchasing purebred hatching eggs or chicks of any of our mentioned varieties, please send us a message using our contact form.  

Our youngest kids show their chickens for 4-H annually. Due to that, the entire flock must be tested for Avian diseases such as Avian Flu, Salmonella and Pullorum. We are proud to say that we have tested negative every year. 

Breeds with a * indicate heritage breeds currently on the Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List


*Brahma (Light Brahma) – light brown eggs

Buff Orpington – very light brown eggs

*Chantecler – medium brown eggs

Easter Egger – green eggs

Welsummer- dark brown eggs

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