Dairy Goats

Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a popular dairy breed of choice for homesteads and small farms. This is because of their smaller size and high milk production. Because of their playful personality, they need plenty of space. And they need Some toys or things to climb on and jump off of to keep them happy.

Some people say the milk tastes better than other dairy goats because of their high butterfat of about 6-10% on average.

They are gentle and playful making them entertaining and a great breed for small children or as a family pet.

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat originated from West Africa. These goats are small and average about 60-75 pounds. They average about ½ a gallon of milk per day.


Nubians are a dairy goat that is quite distinctive for their ears. Often resembling floppy bunny ears.

Nubian goats are great milkers that produce a high butterfat, averaging about 5% butterfat. And this makes the milk more flavorful than some other breeds.  This breed is quite vocal, social, and outgoing.

Nubians are a large goat breed, does weigh in at 135 pounds on average. They originated from the United Kingdom. Averages in ½ to ¾ of a gallon of milk per day.

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