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About Blue Barnyard

We traded in suburban life for an opportunity to raise foods that we can feel good about. Jessica is the primary farmer with the day to day tasks, however on top of a full time career, Jim is the builder and much of the labor behind these endeavors.

We balance our our life with 2 kids in elementary school and three adult kids making their way in the world. We are proud to have made this transition but surely some think we are crazy.

Our Story

At Blue Barnyard, we are a family who left suburban life and jumped into building and owning a small farm. Here we raise registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Heritage Breed Poultry and seasonal pig shares. Raising our own pesticide-free vegetables and humanely-treated poultry has helped us shift from being consumers to producers of our own foods!

Our theory is that you should be able to feel good about what you are eating, and knowing that we are able to provide a good environment for our animals through their life cycle is a big part of that. Jessica and Jim jumped right into the farming adventure by purchasing quality breeding goats, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Each year we assess our needs for raising pigs and buy enough feeder pigs to raise for ourselves and customers.

Jessica has put a lot of work and effort into the registered dairy goat aspect of our farm. She takes pride in working with quality breeders to improve the milking genetics and provide customers with a quality selection of offspring. Blue Barnyard is proud to be a clean herd that has tested free of diseases. We offer 3 quality bucks for breeding and presently have 9 breeding does.

We have a recipe section for understanding cut lists, recipes and suggestions for great tasting farm fresh meals. Check out our various sections of this site to learn a bit more and share in the adventure! It is a constantly changing and growing site.

Business chat

Meats must be pre-sold and will be available for butchering at our chosen location unless otherwise arranged. Meats will be in clear, vacuum-sealed packages, or wrapped in butcher paper depending on preference. Poultry is sold as whole birds, which can be cut or cooked as roasters depending on your preference. We have a growing recipe section with links to help you get started with both cuts as well as meals. We pride ourselves in working with local businesses while we help ours to grow.

Eggs are available depending on order volume. With a great selection of hens we will have large light and dark brown eggs available.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Blue Barnyard

  1. Hey Michael, great to hear from you. Well send you an email to connect. Great dogs, lunch hit the spot!

  2. Hi! I bought six chicks from you this spring and one or two are roosters. Would you take him/them back? I’m not asking for a trade or even a guarantee that he/they will be kept alive, I just cant physically butcher them. I have no.problem with them being meat if ne esssry, but though Ive researched te hniques, I just cant quite get er done. The white Easter egger is starting to mount the girls but so far no eggs so it may be premature, but Id so hped he was a hen. His black flockmate died soon after I got them home so the white one was my hope for blue eggs. Theother potential roo is the lone speckled sussex I nought from you. Id named him Freckles and he’d my tsmest and my favorite. Still hoping its a she. Let me knoe ig I can bring them back to your flock. I got them from you in late April I believe theyre about 16 weeks old. I look forward to your reply,
    Myra Stoudt

    1. Myra, I apologize that I didn’t get back to you from this message. For some reason I have spammers filling up my message board on my website and it is awful. I see nothing sent to me here. Did you figure out your plan with the roosters? I am so sorry. Please feel free to contact me via email at bluebarnyard@gmail.com ~ Jessica

  3. What do you get for your baby goats?

    1. Hi there. It depends on gender, if they are registered or which genetics they are coming from. We have several does with milk stars so their offspring are more costly. However we have several does that are simply great Moms, flashy in color and their kids are more affordable. What are you looking for? I have 7 does due this May and June.

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