Our Dairy Goats

Learn more about our Dairy Goats - meet our Nubians and Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd. Read more

Our American Guinea Hogs are always ready for a meal!

We raise American Guinea Hogs, and have experience with other heritage breeds as well. You can find information on raising pigs, recipes and how we approach butchering and sales. Read more

Our family of Poultry

We raise a variety of poultry, focused on heritage breeds. You can find chickens, ducks and geese here, as well as a brief and (now) funny experience with Peacocks! Read more

Our projects, gardening and food preservation notes

Check out our information on gardening, food preservation and various projects here. We are always learning and happy to share. Read more


Raising heritage breeds, and exploring the homestead experience

As a family, we embody the daily commitment to humanely raise our food. Dairy goats, poultry and pigs along with seasonal vegetables round out our homestead. Everyone participates which makes Blue Barnyard an amazing small farm to live on! 
Through participation with respected organizations and our homeschooling and farming communities, we spend countless hours on research, education and participation in 4H to see our goals realized.