Welcome to Blue Barnyard

At Blue Barnyard, we are raising a variety of humanely-treated, free-range animals. We have high quality pigs, chickens, turkeys, and eggs raised for our table and yours as well as home grown, pesticide-free vegetables available seasonally.

Our theory is that you should be able to feel good about what you are eating, and knowing that we are able to provide a good environment for our animals through their life cycle is a big part of that.

Arrange a visit to see how our family shifted from simply being consumers to producers of our own foods! We left suburban life behind and jumped right into this fun adventure of farm fresh meals, learning a great deal along the way and much more to come. Check out our various sections of this site to learn a bit more and share in the adventure.

For those of you who are purchasing a pig share, or a bird, please also check out the recipe section to jump start the process of understanding cut lists and also get ideas on how to cook these great tasting meals.

If you are interested in our animals and learning a bit more about what we have in the barnyard, you can visit the barnyard by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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