American Guinea Hogs

Our Guinea Hogs came to us as a registered breeding trio. We chose them ultimately because we have already enjoyed meat from their previous offspring and Jess has been keeping an eye out for Registered stock to begin our journey with a small, slower growing breed.  

These hogs are not a full size traditional feeder pig but rather a Heritage breed that grows out wonderfully in a wood lot or silvopasture and has a beautifully marbled meat.  

AGH are often called the Homestead Pig. They are half the size of other Heritage breeds and have fought to come back from near extinction. They are a calm and friendly pig willing to share their pasture with other species commonly found on a small homestead such as chickens, ducks and geese.  

Large breeds require a great deal of freezer space whereas the AGH is smaller at the time of processing so appeals to folks not wanting to fill their freezer space with ONLY pork.  

There is a lot of information out there regarding AGH not digging up the land like their larger counterparts. I can only say that the AGH are smaller in stature so their damage will be scaled back as they are smaller, have smaller snouts & hooves and are content to relax in the sun after eating less. However, they are STILL a pig and will use their shorter snouts to find whatever it is that interests them, and more often than not, that thing is just below the surface of the soil. If you can rotate the location you are raising your pigs or introduce a woodlot pasturing system, then the damage will be less overall.  

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