As a part of the raising animals and selling shares or wholes, we learned that not everyone is comfortable with what to do with a whole chicken, or a pork butt or all the myriad of other options out there. To that end, we are starting to assemble recipes here for the various selection of products and animals we have, to help our friends and buyers, as well as any of you who wander by, to be comfortable with your options and get the most enjoyment and value from your investment.

Please check out the options below – what these links will do for you is search our site by tags, and provide a list of posts related to the recipe topic selected. This is meant to make it even easier to get to what you are interested in with less clicks.

If you want to have ready access to the latest recipes for any category, feel free to bookmark the appropriate search and above all, please enjoy. We would love to hear from you about what recipes you have tried, and if you have any to add, please send then to us and we will post them with credit to you and a link if applicable.

  1. Pork (all recipes pig related)
    1. Head (includes Jowl, Ears, etc…)
    2. Pork (Boston) Butt
    3. Fresh Picnic
    4. Feet / Hocks
    5. Back Fat
    6. Pork Loin
    7. Fresh Ham
    8. Spare Ribs
    9. Bacon
    10. Scrapple / All others
  2. Chicken
    1. Whole Chicken
    2. Chicken Cuts
    3. Chicken Soups and all other Chicken recipes
  3. Turkey
    1. Whole Turkey
    2. Turkey Cuts
    3. Turkey Soups and all other Turkey recipes

Not all items have posts yet (as of Jan, 2015) but we are working toward that goal!

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