As a part of the raising animals and selling shares or wholes, we learned that not everyone is comfortable with what to do with a whole chicken, or a pork butt or all the myriad of other options out there. To that end, we are starting to assemble recipes here for the various selection of products and animals we have, to help our friends and buyers, as well as any of you who wander by, to be comfortable with your options and get the most enjoyment and value from your investment.

Please check out the options below in our list of posts on cooking.

If you want to have ready access to the latest recipes for any category, feel free to bookmark the appropriate search and above all, please enjoy. We would love to hear from you about what recipes you have tried, and if you have any to add, please send then to us and we will post them with credit to you and a link if applicable.

Smoking a Chicken (or 2)

On our farm we raise both chickens for meat, and chickens for eggs. This means we often have to deal with roosters from the egg laying breeds and they are definitely not in the same  class as the meat birds. As a result, I most often simply keep them whole and use them for chicken […]


Smoker Links

This list will hopefully grow over time with your contributions and our finds!  


Smoker Recipes and Tips

I bought an electric smoker, after using my charcoal and propane grills to indirect smoke for years. My idea with the electric smoker is to be able to gather data in a more controlled way, allowing for consistent reproduction of results and more accurate recipes to share here. I bought my model through Sams Club, […]


Smoking Eggs

Today I had the smoker running and decided to make some apple wood smoked eggs. They turned out well and I do love the flavor of the apple wood in the background. I got the smoker warmed up to around 200, then added the eggs. I had a pan of water in the smoker to […]


Jowl Bacon and Sauteed Spinach

I do love Jowl Bacon – when ordering a pig, I highly recommend you specify some Jowl Bacon for yourself. I think the pairing of the bacon and spinach is about perfect and for this recipe, I added a bit of garlic and onion for the saute and then a bit of chicken broth to […]


Review of pork butt/shoulder recipe

Jim posted a great article about recipes for pork shoulder.. I decided to review one of the recipes posted. Below is our home -grown pork shoulder. The directions called for 8 hours of slow roasting at 250 degrees. I rubbed celtic salt and pepper all over the roast. I chose to use my turkey roasting […]


Ham Hocks

Hocks are not a typical part of a cut list people think about in the northern United States, but are an important addition to ask for on your list.  The hock is the middle portion of the leg, above the feet but not up into the ham or picnic roast. When buying a whole of […]


Pork Ribs

Ribs are almost a religion in many parts of the United States, and the world for that matter. There are those who swear by the dry rub, those who say the secret is all in the sauce, those who will say there is no other way than smoking on wood and any other permutation you […]


Cooking a Ham

The Ham comes from the upper hind leg of the pig and comes in many sizes depending on how you request your cut list, or what your local butcher may have. Bone in or carved from the bone will change cooking times and technique to some degree so pay attention to your particular recipe and […]


Picnic Roast / Pork Shoulder

The Picnic Roast is the lower half of the shoulder, the top half being called the Boston Butt. This cut can be combined into both and the cooking options are similar. This is a heavily used muscle and a flavorful meat with good fat and connective tissue that will render when cooked low and slow. […]

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