We raise heritage breed turkeys, specifically the Bourbon Red variety.

While these are a slower growing bird, they are also an attractive and hearty bird that is happy to socialize and play well with the others in the barnyard. We find them to be happy to forage on their own in the warmer months and generally return with no problems to roost in their home.

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Preparing for poultry shows

As a member of 4-H, my daughter is heading into fair season with great excitement to show her poultry at the local 4-H Fairs. I am also excited for her but the reality as the parent is a little more daunting. There are several things that need accomplished in order for your child to show […]


Turkey Nesting Boxes

Our turkeys got to laying stage and needed something besides finding piles of hay or straw to lay eggs in so we used up a variety of the scrap bits we had around to set up a 2 seater nesting box. The back is screwed into the barn structure, so there are only legs on […]


Chicken (and Turkey) Ladders

One of the first things we made when we got birds, was a little entertainment for them. They like to roost, even as babies. Jessica looked on line and we were both surprised at the costs for these little accessories. I whipped up a few models in my shop to see how they worked and […]


Bourbon Red Turkeys