Our Pigs

20160206_140223 - Jim and pigs
Taking a break with the pigs after setting up their house

Our pigs are a grand adventure for us on a regular basis, and we have found that they are as fun as any animal to have around, though often 5x the work. This is partly due to how we raise them, and partly due to how much they eat, drink and root up everything in sight!

There are many different ways to raise pigs, and the simplest is the most common commercial method of raised grate metal enclosures that can be easily hosed off, or cement pads and small spaces. This makes for a pretty low quality of life, and a more bland meat. We opt for open pens and larger enclosures with a varied seasonal diet with fruits, nuts, bugs, high quality grains and also feed. The meat is rich, darker than you would see in a typical store bought pork, and I would also offer, from a pig that had a far happier life.

Our pig selection has varied, from Landrace and a Berkshire cross, to currently including Gloucester Old Spot crossed with Large Black and also Pure Berkshire. We are learning much as we go, and hope to stick with heritage breeds as a focus, and extend from there.

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