We have a variety of on our farm, with most being Heritage breed birds. The notable exception to this are the Cornish Cross, which we raise for meat production. We do custom hatches by appointment. We DO NOT sell sexed pullets as a year-round endeavor. We most often hatch in the Spring, grow out a few dozen of each breed till fall and sell sexed birds once we can see who crows and who doesn’t. 

You can see the variety of birds we have on our farm by clicking through the list here:

Not Heritage Breeds but birds we do raise:

  • Bantam Cochins
  • Cornish Cross – a seasonal bird raised for meat only
  • Easter Egger  – mutt birds that lay a variety of greens, blue and peach colored

Smoking a Chicken (or 2)

On our farm we raise both chickens for meat, and chickens for eggs. This means we often have to deal with roosters from the egg laying breeds and they are definitely not in the same  class as the meat birds. As a result, I most often simply keep them whole and use them for […]


Smoking Eggs

Today I had the running and decided to make some apple wood smoked eggs. They turned out well and I do love the flavor of the apple wood in the background. I got the warmed up to around 200, then added the eggs. I had a pan of water in the to […]


Preparing for poultry shows

As a member of 4-H, my daughter is heading into fair season with great excitement to show her poultry at the local 4-H Fairs. I am also excited for her but the reality as the parent is a little more daunting. There are several things that need accomplished in order for your child to show […]


Dust bathing and fires

Despite the dramatic headline, this has nothing to do with dust bathing causing fires. The relationship is all in the re-use. We heat our home with wood and collect the fireplace ash to use in the barn for making dust baths for the birds. The enjoy the ash and combined with a little sand, it […]


Chicken Nesting Box with access door

In our large common indoor pen, we built an access panel to accommodate access to future nesting boxes and we finally got around to building the nesting boxes this winter. For those of you who saw our post about the turkey nesting boxes and noted the 2×4 roost, this one is considerably smaller. That is […]


Jersey Giants

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, also recognized as ALBC, has placed the on a “Watch List” of Heritage Chicken Breeds. The group seeks to follow the population of particular chickens to ensure that they do not disappear from our American backyards. The dates back to the mid-to-late 1800’s from breeders in New Jersey wanting […]


Roasting a Whole Chicken

We enjoy roasted chicken done many different ways, especially since it is so simple to prepare and yet very satisfying. Below, you will find links to a variety of sites and options to roast your bird, most of which can also be applied to cut birds as well if you do not want to roast […]


Too many roosters

When buying many breeds of chickens as day-old chicks, you often do so as a . This means you get what you get. However you can pay additional money to have the chicks sexed, gender determined. We bought straight runs back in February of three breeds and they were shipped during the coldest week […]


How do you store your eggs?

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