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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We are currently accepting $100 deposits on our ADGA registered offspring for Spring of 2019.




Sire: : India Blue EOF Thunder
Dam: Sweet Land Callie – ​LA +VV+ 83 as a FF also earned *M

Sire: India Blue EOF Thunder
Dam: Freedom Star Sashimi

Dam: Freedom Star Purple Sushi

ADGA registration is included in our prices.

CLEAN HERD TEST 2016, 2017 and July 2018

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Pig Shares – We are taking 2018 off to grow our goat herd and participate in ADGA Linear Appraisal and Milk Test

We offer pig shares in a variety of ways depending on season, including whole young pigs, and grown out at 1/2 or whole shares. We do not butcher or package on premise, we use a local butcher for this process and you can read about the options in more detail in our pig section. Our butcher is USDA certified and packaging is very nice.

Chickens – Hatching finished for 2018.  Only custom orders will be done for 2019 20160824_185418

We have a variety of heritage breed birds available each Spring, both as hatching eggs and also grown out at varying stages. Breeds available include:

  1. Buff Orpington
  2. Black Jersey Giant
  3. Easter Egger
  4. Speckled Sussex

We also offer hatching service for eggs from your own birds. From Jan-April

Get on our list now, don’t wait!


We will be hatching from our flock of Khaki Campbell, Cayuga and Pekin ducks. They are an excellent egg source.  Thinking forward to next year, we hope to be able to offer them as a wonderful dual purpose bird for your dinner table. The Jumbo Pekin were an accidental addition to the farm compliments of other folks who decided this breed wasn’t for them. They have great personalities and love to be in a row!  As you can see, Adrienne has bonded well to them.

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  1. Is the white with black spots polled buckling still available?

    1. Melissa, I am sorry to have missed your message! We currently have a buckling available He is a blue-eyed buckskin with white markings, moonspots and a white poll and mild frosting. Feel free to email me if you are still looking.

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