Planning a Visit

We look forward to seeing you on our farm, and to make the visit the most enjoyable possible we would like to share a bit in advance.

The don’t do list

  1. We are a working farm, meaning it will be a little dirty with “real poop” around so if you plan to see animals, don’t wear your good shoes and don’t be surprised by a “rich bouquet”!
  2. Animals like to nibble on clothing (and fingers if you are not careful) so please again with the clothing reminder. Also – please do not wear clothing with fringes, beading, etc… if you plan to be near the animals as they could easily nibble these items and ruin your clothes or worse, choke.
  3. Please do not bring outside food to the barn without checking with us first. Some food can be deadly to our animals or cause illness.
  4. Never open a gate or barn door without permission. Goats will try to convince you that they free range. They do not!

The do do list…. (see what we did there?)

  1. Bring CLEAN muck boots. (why clean boots? – Bio security. We do not want to introduce other parasites or illness to our barn)
  2. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that can get dirty.
  3. Bring a camera and a sense of humor.
  4. Call or email to set up a visit in advance. 14574142_189048568226772_8620665160312291328_n