Building an Alpaca feed shed

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Our Alpaca were coming and we had no facilities for them, as it was something of a surprise the way it came together.

Fortunately, they were coming on a day I had off from work and so Tommy and I ran to the store for some supplies and went to work. Here we have our generator and tools set out and are starting to lay out the simple framing. Our plan was a small 4×8 feed shed with a hay rack.

20150703_104128 20150703_110716

We built the base up on landscaping timbers  to both keep it off the ground and also to allow us to move it more easily with the tractor. Tommy was running the screw gun on this and did a great job.

20150703_140608 20150703_174915

The hay rack was made by ripping down 2x4s into strips, then making the lattice on a frame cut at an angle to allow for hay to load up, while still being strong enough to support the Llama and alpacas sticking their heads in it. So far it has worked out great. We built the whole house and feed rack for about the cost of buying a ready made feed rack, so it was a pretty significant savings and not that much effort.


The alpaca like to lounge in the house as well as eat there, and it provides sufficient cover to get out of the elements with the over hang.


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20150730_181528Our Llama (Dalai) was originally purchased to be the herd guard animal. He has filled that role well and integrated into the family quite well. His personality is still stand offish unless you have food in your hand, in which case he is your very best friend!

Llama make great protectors, and seem to instinctively know the role. Dalai has cornered our large dogs on more than one occasion, not hurting them, but certainly containing them. We have had no predator losses in the area covered by the Llama, so while that is not definitive confirmation of efficacy, it certainly does support the case!

Dalai is from Chile, or more accurately, his father is from Chile. He was bred to be larger and of the guard temperament.


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