Preparation for weather 

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I’ve always enjoyed extreme weather. Even as a Kindergartener I remember taking rides with my Grandfather to see the destructive path of a tornado. As an adult I like my hubby to take me for rides in our truck to watch rising streams, places where rivers have breached their banks or ice on tree limbs. However these days as we are immersed in raising our food in the way of poultry, goats and our pet camelids, I am left preparing for weather in a different way. Knowing that rain is coming means to fill hay feeders so you aren’t carrying that valuable green stuff and risking it being wet when it can be avoided. Cleaning and refilling waterers so you aren’t trudging through mud and risking a slippery fall with a full bucket. Taking longer to muck pens to avoid the task on a stormy day. Getting all excess buckets or farm stuff tucked or put away to avoid the wind blowing it all over. 

My perspective on inclement weather hasn’t kept my curiosity at bay. It just means that preparation is different now. I personally enjoy a good chat with my goats with the sound of rain drumming on the metal roof of our barn.  


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