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Banana Slicer for Dehydrating Chips

We enjoy banana chips, as well as many other dehydrated fruits, but making them is a tedious process. We invested in a food slicer to process bulk meats and more solid fruits and veggies, but are a different challenge. When my wife brought home a large load of very ripe (and discounted) , I decided to make a large batch of chips, but wanted an easy way to slice them. I looked at the egg slicer and decided it would work great if it was a larger version, so I whipped up a prototype.

20150823_130721 I save the better logs I cut around our property to make boards, and here you can see my stash of mostly white oak boards.

I pulled one and ran it through the planer after cutting it down.


I cut the board down to make the frame pieces, and also the internal cutting board, then glued and nailed up the frame. I then spaced and drilled a series of holes to weave the wire in.

I did not buy any special wire since this was just a prototype, but I did have some steel wire on hand I use for repairs, and it worked great.


After cleaning up the boards I oiled them with some olive oil I had on hand and you can see the result here. It was an acceptable finish for this little project. 20150823_142108_001 Here is the test cut in action. It worked exactly as planned.


2 thoughts on “Banana Slicer for Dehydrating Chips

  1. This is such a creative solution to a tedious process – very cool! 🙂

    1. Thanks! We love banana chips and this speeds the process considerably. I’ll have to improve on the design the next time around but that’s as much fun as anything.

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