Silver Laced Wyandotte

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With a focus on acquiring Heritage breed chickens as our laying flock, it was very easy to land on the Silver Laced Wyandotte as a top contender for our small farm. They are a very pretty breed with great shimmery green on the laced black edges of their feathers. Known for their durability through harsh winters thanks to a rose comb and a heavy breed body, it was a good fit for our PA climate.

We ended up with only 1 hen with too many roosters this first season, so we retained just one rooster and sent the other off to freezer camp. Hoping to be able to breed this variety, we will hang on to the lovely hen Midnight who was our first chick to fly and roost above her peers. Clearly an intelligent bird seeking adventure, she fits right in on our little homestead. She is wonderful at foraging, allows our kids as well as our guests to approach and handle her. She lays a medium brown eggs with speckles daily (we call them freckles since we are all freckled) . This is a beautiful breed that I highly recommend for a small farm that would like attractive birds that lay frequently and have a wonderful disposition.


McMurray hatchery has a good description you can read here: for more information on this breed.

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